Ministry That Doesn’t Look Like Ministry


“Alleluia. Alleluia!”

The words of our song echoed through the Russian cathedral. We stood in the balcony, enraptured by the polished beauty surrounding us.

We were playing tourist that day, taking time off in the middle of a mission trip to Siberia. Our team didn’t plan on singing. There was no audience, at least no one we saw. But the chapel’s breathtaking glory inspired a song of praise, rising from the lips of American Christians half a world away from home.

When we finished, an older Russian woman selling souvenirs in the cathedral’s gift shop thanked us for our song. She’d prayed for years to someday hear God’s praise sung in another tongue.

He answered her prayer that day through the spontaneous song of an American mission team.

motherhoodsministryIt’s easy to see the eternal significance of such moments and to rejoice at being used by God. It’s not as easy, however to see the sacred beauty hidden in the mundane ministry of parenting.

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