Calming the Chaos

Bang. Bang. Bang.

My son taps who-knows-what on the floor, enjoying the sounds he creates. He loves noisemaking. I cherish his inquisitive personality, that quality which causes him to make the noises (and the messes).

But these things drive a parent crazy. “Son, stop banging. It’s just creating chaos,” my husband instructs.

Immediately, our preschooler bursts into song. “Chaos! Chaos! Chaos!”

At this point, what do you do except roll your eyes and laugh at the insanity of the

Read the rest of the story at The Gritty Pearl, where I’m guest posting today.

2 thoughts on “Calming the Chaos

  1. Aw rats. I already posted this wonderful article from the Gritty Pearl. 😦

    That’s okay. My audience is blessed either way.

    May God bless you today too.

    In The Lamb, Sandra

    Sandra Allen Lovelace Speaker. Writer. Pursuer. Latest title, Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship Director, Lifework Forum Blogger, Sandra Allen Lovelace

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